Event photos

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The venue in the morning before the event. There are neither projector nor big screen yet.

The sign near the venue.

Name badges were prepared for every registered person. They layed on the table not sorted alphabetically:-)

Alex Kapranov talks about how free e-mail mail.rambler.ru works on Perl.

Peter Edwards presenting ExtJS with Catalyst symbiosis.

Question time.

We recorded everything on video.

Sergey Gulko, the leader of Kiev.pm group.

More questions.

Andrey Zhilenko talks about how to persuade customers to use Perl in projects.

Oleg Nikitin of Strata Technologies talks about their Perl-based Twilight CMS.

Dmitry Karasik with his lightning talk about UkrOp programming language.

Another starring guest, Jonathan Worthington talks about parallel new worlds.

Perl 6 Tutorial was presented by both Jonathan Worthington and Andrew Shitov.

Special dedicated monitor displayed the title of current talk, the time left, and brief information about what is next.

Perl 6 Tutorial was the largest talk, and this photo is also taken during this talk.

Ukrainian News agency provided free Wi-Fi internet access.


Our English-speaking guests were in the center of interest.

Not planned talk about how to make lightning talks ended the workshop.